Update on sound in our opening title sequence

There have been a few changes made to the sound that we will use in our title sequence. To start with, the music that is being used in our most recent edit is not by Goodbye Gravity, but instead some royalty free music off a website. This music has been used as it fit the tone and complimented the video very well. The use of this music for the final product is not set in stone, however, we may end up using it in our official cut. Also, we did not use the handheld audio recorder when filming. We have decided that any sound effects that need to be added will be recorded and added at a later date. There will be a larger focus on non-diegetic sound as well, so the sound will not be created by things within the scene. Instead they will be used to create a certain effect on the audience.

Final task rough cut

Around a month ago we completed our rough cut of our final task. Since then we have re-filmed, and re-filmed again. None of us were extremely happy with our rough cut of the final piece which is why we chose to film it again, and in the most recent filming we changed the idea. Here is our first cut:

There are a lot of issues with this cut. First of all, it is not long enough. It is 20 seconds too short. We aimed to make our title sequence around 2 minutes long, and this is barely 1 minute 40. There are also a lot of issues with the audio, with the music starting weirdly and some sound effects sometimes being there and sometimes not. The dialogue was also missing from the end. In a different cut of this there was no audio at all. We needed to improve this in later cuts, however in our latest cut I was told to add different sound effects and some sort of voice over to the footage.

There is also some editing issues. We did not have enough footage to make it 2 minutes, so a lot of the shots linger for longer than they should. We aimed to make it faster paced than this version is, however due to our lack of footage this was not possible. However, having just changed the idea around a bit we do not require the faster paced editing. Our idea has allowed some shots to breathe a bit more.

Our lighting was also not what it needed to be. There were a few inconsistencies in the lighting, as well as it being too bright for a lot of it. This, however, has changed in the newest filming session as it was decided that we will be using high key lighting as there have been some theme changes.


To conclude, I think this cut was a decent starting point, however there was a lot of room to improve and I believe in our latest cut we have done this. There are some fine ideas in this version, some of which have been carried to our latest cut.

Logan review – Independent (incomplete)

I saw Logan the day it came out (the 1st of March). 2 days later I saw again. But did I like it?

Yes I saw it twice in 3 days. Of course I liked it. What, did you think I didn’t like it? Why would I pay to see it twice if I didn’t like it. Jeez, think before you jump to conclusions.

Logan is the 10th film in the X-men franchise, 9 of which have featured Wolverine, 7 of which he was the main character. Logan is the best of them. The first two are pretty great, so are First Class and Days of Future Past. I liked The Wolverine a lot too. The rest, meh. But Logan is amazing. Just. Oh my god.

Logan was directed by James Mangold and stars Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen. I will start by saying all the negatives before I talk about the positives. I think the first half an hour was shot weirdly. Maybe just 20 minutes. It looks like a TV show until Charles first seizure. I also would have liked them to flesh out Logan and Laura’s relationship a bit more. More bonding time between the pair. Other than that, this movie is perfect (in my humble opinion). I think not knowing about the plot will add to the experience, so skip to the next paragraph if you don’t want to know. The film is set in 2029 and involves Logan and Charles Xavier having to take a little girl across the country. I will say no more for now. Go watch it.

The action is the best action in any X-men film, and it is not even the focus of the film. Films like X-men apocalypse are more about the action (and that is why it is bad maybe?) however this film focuses on the story and characters. The story is nothing amazingly new, but it works. Especially because of the world building that the film does. It is established that all other mutants are almost all gone. It is set in a semi dystopian future, and you really feel it. This is definitely not a ‘fun time’. It is incredibly stressful and dark. By the end of the film you feel exhausted. These characters are put through so much in this film. Every time they get 5 minutes to breathe, they are in danger again. This film is also incredibly emotional. There are great character moments throughout the film as well. Logan and Charles’ relationship is incredible within this film. Charles was always the one looking out for Logan through a lot of the X-men films, however this turns that on its head. Wolverine has to care for Charles as he has become incredibly unwell. This leads me on to my next point. The sequence in the Casino. Oh my god. I could not breathe. It was amazing. I shall say no more.

How have the movie reviews helped me with my task?

Reviewing thriller movies has helped me obtain a wider understanding of the genre. It has also helped me identify flaws in the genre and specific movies, as well as the genre clichés. Having reviewed a lot of films in the thriller genre I feel like I am good at noticing what is good about the movie and what is bad. Hopefully this will help me with my task as I will be able to avoid the issues that I had with thriller movies. Another thing that I think will be useful when completing my task is that I reviewed the movie as a whole as well as title sequences. This has given me the opportunity to think about the overarching story of the title sequence that I create instead of just the titles. I believe that it is important to have an idea of the story as a whole. If we just looked at title sequences then I think my groups idea would not have been as good as instead of story we would focus on visuals. I made sure that up until this point I had seen all of the films that I was analysing so that context was added to the title sequences for me. So now as a group we have all have an idea of what the story as a whole is about to give us a better idea of what we want to do in our title sequence as well as why.

To conclude, I think that reviewing thriller movies has definitely helped me with my final task of the opening title sequence to a thriller film. I hope that doing the reviews was worthwhile and my final piece reflects all the work that I have put into the reviews.

Sound in our opening title sequence

Sound is an important part of any film. Sound is used to help the audience understand what is going on. It can also help convey emotion. The audience need to be able to hear what is happening on screen such as the dialogue, but just as important is the non-diegetic sound. I have been put in charge of sorting out the sound. In our continuity task I helped out with the sound a lot. We used a handheld audio recorder to capture the diegetic sound in the footage. I think that this sound was very clear however it was too quiet. I think that we will be using the same device again however I will ensure that the audio is loud enough. We recorded the audio at the same time as the footage which means that we could sync it easier, so we will be doing this. For the sound effects that we added in post, we used a gunshot sound from a sound effect folder in our school computers. I feel that this sounded extremely cheesy so if we need to use sound effects again I will look to get them from elsewhere. Finally we need to get music for our sequence. We are not allowed to use existing music that is copyrighted so we would have to look for royalty free music or get it custom made. We have chosen to get it custom made. We have been in contact with a musician called ‘Goodbye Gravity’ who can make many different genres of music and has agreed to make all of the music for us. We will be filming the video then showing him the footage so he can create the score specifically for our footage so that it conveys the emotions necessary. We are going to leave it up to him to chose how he will make this music however we have given him a list of criteria that we would like this music to meet.

I have included a link below of his soundcloud.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople review – Independent post

Hunt for the Wilderpeople was released in 2016. It is a comedy from New Zealand and it stars Sam Neill and Julian Dennison. It was directed by Taika Waititi. I was a fan of one of his previous films called ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ which was a mockumentary about a house of vampires. Taika Waititi is clearly an excellent director. He is directing the upcoming ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ which will be released later this year. I can see why Marvel Studios chose Taika to direct this film. Hunt for the Wilderpeople is a fantastic movie.

The film is about a child who is adopted by a couple on a farm. Well, what this film is really about is the growth and bond between Sam Neill’s character Uncle Hec and Julian Dennison’s character Ricky. Ricky and Hec find themselves stranded in the wilderness, and eventually become wanted men. Throughout the rest of the film you see their journey as they run and hide from the authorities. Sam Neill did an excellent job in this movie. To be honest I did not recognise him when watching the film. He feels like a real character, and throughout the film you can see him grow and change.

The cinematography is so good in this film. It is just a comedy yet it is one of the most beautiful films that I saw in 2016. The scenery and the way that it was shot is absolutely breathtaking. It just makes me appreciate this film so much more. It has great characters, an interesting story, it is hilarious and to top it all off it is beautifully shot.

Watch this film. It is really good. I would rate it A*/10.

Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock is an extremely famous director. He has directed movies such as Psycho, Rear Window and Vertigo. He is widely considered one of the greatest directors to ever live. He has also been called the master of suspense. Alfred Hitchock is known for director thrillers and horrors and pretty much invented the slasher genre as it is today. He is an English film maker however he lived in Los Angeles for a lot of his life. He was born in 1899 and died in the year 1980. On Rotten Tomatoes he has nearly 10 films that are rated 100% and many more in the 90%s.

Image result for alfred hitchcock

I have never seen an Alfred Hitchcock film. I have never really had the chance to, however I am very interested in watching a couple of his films. I intend to watch Rear Window as I have heard amazing things about it and I have access to this film as it is on Netflix currently.

Alfred Hitchcock first got involved in the movie industry in the 1920s and his directorial debut was in 1923 with the film ‘Always Tell Your Wife’. In the follwing years he would direct many other films like this and become one of the greatest directors of all time.

Alfred Hitchcock is known for using lighting and camera angles along with music to create suspense in his films.

Halloween review (10)

Halloween is the 1978 classic directed by John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence. The story is about a young boy who murders his sister one halloween and was sent to a mental asylum, but many years later he breaks out. This film is widely considered to be one of the greatest horror films ever made. This film is the source of a lot of tropes for the slasher genre as we know it today. It has a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and is loved by many. I found that this movie does not hold up that well. I watched this film for the first time a few months ago and was disappointed. I did not find it to be scary at all, in fact I was laughing at it a lot. I am a fan of a couple of John Carpenter’s other films such as The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China. I loved them both. However, I was let down by this film.

The acting is appalling. Some of the worst acting I have ever seen. The only good actor is Donald Pleasence. He has a really good monologue within the film, however the rest is shockingly bad. Especially the main girls friend. She is the worst. The dialogue also isn’t great. I can not imagine people actually saying a lot of the lines that are spoken. Another bad thing about the film is the sound. It is really bad. The sound effects are not realistic and are poorly mixed. The dialogue is unclear in a lot of places and I felt like there was a lot of unnecessary noise. I also knew exactly what was going to happen, however that was not the movies fault as it started a lot of the trends that were then copied by a lot of other movies. It was just a bit dated. It does not hold up very well.

There were some stuff I liked about the movie. Michael Myers is a very intimidating villain. He does not talk the entire film so it is not like his acting is bad. You also don’t see his face for most of the movie which adds to the suspense. Dr Sam Loomis is also a really good character and is portrayed excellently. As I already mentioned he has an amazing monologue in the film. I also understand why this is an important film. I can see why people would have liked it when it came out, and the issues that I had with the film are mostly due to my expectations from horror/thriller films in the modern day. It was definitely a ground breaking film.

Overall, I thought some aspects of the movie were good and others were awful, however I understand the appeal to a lot of people. Again, it was definitely a ground breaking film but I think that it is very dated which took away from my viewing experience. However, I do find myself wanting to go back and watch this film again, which must be a positive. I would rate this film 25/01/17.


Hardcore Henry review (9)

Hardcore Henry is a movie about a man trying to save his wife from some evil bloke, except the film is shot entirely in first person. It was directed by Ilya Naishuller and stars Sharlto Copley.

The idea is based on a music video that he directed which they decided to make into a feature film. I heard decent things about this film so I decided to watch it because I was bored, and it was okay. Nothing amazing. The action varied in quality. Some sequences were extremely hard to follow, however some sequences are amazing. Then there are some that are just over the top. The final action sequence was extremely entertaining but was just ridiculous. It takes place on top of a roof and just has hundreds of people attacking Henry. It is really fun but at some points just becomes too much. There is an amazing sequence at Sharlto Copleys characters house. It is really interesting visually and very tense and exciting.

Sharlto Copley’s character was a lot of fun. He has a lot of different characters technically and it is a concept they have fun with. He was a scientist that was crippled by the villain in the movie, so he made clones of himself and can control them with a helmet, however he can only control one at a time. He has different versions of his character, including a hippie, a World War II army bloke and a biker. This concept allowed the movie makers to have a lot of fun. It is a very interesting idea and really adds to the movie.

Overall, this movie was entertaining for what it was, and what it was was a dumb, forgettable, disposable action film. It is nothing special but it was fun enough to watch. Watch it, don’t watch it, either way it won’t change your life.

I would rate this film !!!!/10