Final piece evaluation

We have four cuts of our final task. There is not much difference between them, just mild tweaks with some shots and audio. Here are the four cuts.

I will be talking mainly about the fourth edit as it is the final cut. We have come a long way since our first cut. Our first version was not good at all, and you can really see the improvements. Overall it is a more competently made sequence. We have improved almost everything since our first draft. We have improved the camera, sound and editing. All of it was quite sloppy to begin with. The camera would shake sometimes and it just looked very unprofessional. In this version, it all looks a lot nicer and smooth and well made. We have also improved our sound. In the first draft we had very basic sound, just music and sometimes sound effects would be there and sometimes a shot would be silent. It was quite bad. However, we have now added more layers of sound, including music, diegetic sound and a kind of voice over. This is a vast improvement from the very basic and very poorly done sound in our first attempt. The editing is also a lot more smooth. The shots flow better and we have improved the pace. In our original version there would be quick cuts and then a 10 second zoom shot and it did not flow very well. We improved upon this by making the pace more consistent and making it flow better. We also improved the mise-en-scene. In the first draft we received praise for our mise-en-scene, but we still wanted to improve upon it. Some of the props carried over from the first version to this version, but we removed the ‘murder board’ to simplify it a bit and make it less cheesy. We think it took away from our original version as it was clichĂ©, so we decided to focus more on the aesthetic of the girls bedroom. We think this is a big improvement from the original.

There are a couple of flaws which are hard to notice. One shot goes out of focus a bit at the end which was intentional but in my opinion doesn’t go well. But other than that I am very happy with the way that our task came out.


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